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Psychiatric and physical health are closely linked in children. This is most noticeable with psychosomatic problems, but children with a variety of paediatric disorders have an increased risk for psychiatric problems which can in turn adversely affect their wellbeing and overall health status. Our research has addressed the nature of these psychiatric adjustment problems, risk factors and outcome in children and young people with psychosomatic, chronic and acute paediatric disorders.

Our research has also focused on the psychiatric problems of previously little studied populations, including children and adolescents in primary care,  and established that primary care attenders have high rates of psychiatric - mainly emotional - disorders. A key strand of research on this theme has involved the develoment and dissemination of a therapeutic intervention for adolescent depression (TIDY) for use during routine work in general practice.

A health services aspect of our work has been at the forefront of the development and validation of outcome measures which are now widely used in clinical practice in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. This has involved close collaboration between Imperial College and CNWL NHS Foundation Trust as well as international collaborators.





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