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My research group is working on theoretical quantum dynamics. We are investigating quantum-classical correspondence of open quantum systems described by non-Hermitian (and often PT-symmetric) Hamiltonians or Lindblad equations. We aim to develop a semiclassical framework for these theories and understand the quantum signatures of chaos. Some of us are also interested in quantum transition rate theories. We like to think our ideas are useful in cold atoms, optics, materials, and other applications.


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We are grateful to the Royal Society and the European Research Council for funding our research via a Royal Society URF, a URF enhancement grant, and an ERC starting grant (CHAOS-PIQUANT)


Prof Hans Jürgen Korsch, TU Kaiserslautern, non-Hermitian quantum mechanics, 2010

Dr Roman Schubert, University of Bristol, semiclassics, non-Hermitian quantum mechanics, 2010

Prof. Dorje Brody, University of Surrey, PT-symmetric quantum theories, quaternionic quantum theories

Research Student Supervision

Christie,R, Quantum transition rate theory

Hall,J, PT-symmetric quantum chaos

Holmes,K, Non-Hermitian quantum theory in the semiclassical limit

Liverani,C, Quantum effects in hydrogen embrittlement

Longstaff,B, Many-particle and mean-field correspondence for cold atoms in leaky lattices

Mudute-Ndumbe,S, Split-Hermitian Random Matrix Theory

Rehman,W, Coherent state methods for non-Hermitian quantum systems

Rush,A, Phase-space methods for non-Hermitian quantum systems