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Professor Emile S Greenhalgh

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Professor of Composite Materials



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Professor of Composite Materials

Emile joined Imperial College in February 2003 where he lectures on material selection, composite design, testing, characterisation and failure analysis and is Director of the Composites MSc and Head of the Composite Centre. Emile obtained his BSc (Physics) and upon graduating in 1987, worked at QinetiQ (Farnborough) conducting research on a broad range of aspects of fibre reinforced plastics. He has published over one hundred reports and papers in this field, and the general theme of his work has been Composite Mechanics; understanding and predicting of the structural behaviour of composites. In particular, his research has focused on two areas: damage tolerance and failure analysis (fractography) of composites, and multifunctional composites (structural power).

An area which is getting considerable publicity at the moment is his work on structural power, a video of which from February 2010 is given here... Structural Power.

Over the last thirty years, Emile has built up a respected international reputation in composites, and has initiated and led a number of international programmes in these fields. His fractographic expertise has led to involvement in high profile component failure investigations (e.g. Formula One crashes), as an expert witness in litigation cases and publishing of a book on the fractography. Other highlights include research on certification of composite structures, for which he was awarded the Sir Vernon Brown Prize by the Royal Aeronautical Society, leading a trinational research programme on optimised design of stiffened structures and initiation of a 7M€ programme on low-cost materials for aerospace applications. He sits on the IOM3 British Composites Society Executive Committee and was Chair of the London Materials Society. He is currently working on a diverse range of composites research, including damage formation and growth, composite structural failure, crack arrest, multifunctional composites and hierarchical nanocomposites.

Emile is a season ticket holder at Tottenham Hotspur



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