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I am now a researcher at the Bank of England, having stopped being at Imperial full-time in late 2016. However, I retain a connection with the Plasma Group as an Academic Visitor, and continue to do some work in physics.

Prior to that I did my PhD at Imperial with Steve Rose, followed by four years as a post-doc before taking up a JRF (now Reserch Fellowship) there in 2015.

My research focussed on High Energy Density plasma spectroscopy

- Theoretical and computational atomic physics and kinetics and the design of atomic physics codes

- Modelling short pulse laser plasma experiments - PIC/hydrodynamics, ionisation and radiation transport, GPU computing

- Electron-positron production in High Energy Density Physics experiments

- Novel methods of diagnosing/pumping HEDP experiments

- Astrophysical plasmas

- Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) plasmas

which I performed predominantly in and with the HEDP group. A list of publications from during my time at Imperial (and more recently) can be found below.

Plasma Seminar Series

I used to organise the external seminars for the plasma group, for a list of past and future seminars see here


During my time at Imperial I taught 3rd year synoptic paper tutorials for 3 years, obtaining a FoNS prize for Excellence in Teaching. I also talked in schools about fusion.

This is a link to a ~12 minute segment on the US public radio show 'Science Friday' where I discuss the photon-photon collider paper (Pike OJ, Mackenroth F, Hill EG, Rose SJ 2014 below)



Behm K, Hussein AE, Zhao TZ, et al., 2020, Demonstration of femtosecond broadband X-rays from laser wakefield acceleration as a source for pump-probe X-ray absorption studies, High Energy Density Physics, Vol:35, ISSN:1574-1818, Pages:1-5

Bailie D, Hyland C, Singh R, et al., 2020, An investigation of the L-shell X-ray conversion efficiency for laser-irradiated tin foils, Plasma Science and Technology, Vol:22, ISSN:1009-0630, Pages:1-7

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Hill EG, Perez-Callejo G, Rose SJ, 2018, ALICE: A non-LTE plasma atomic physics, kinetics and lineshape code, High Energy Density Physics, Vol:26, ISSN:1574-1818, Pages:56-67

More Publications