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Dr Evi Kalodiki, Hon Consultant in Vascular Surgery.

Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Surgery & Cancer

Honorary Clinical Research Fellow



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Josef Pflug Vascular LaboratoryEaling HospitalEaling Hospital





  • 1st Prize - oral. Kalodiki E, Azzam M, Geroulakos G, Lattimer CR. The Discord Outcome Analysis as a Method of Reporting Clinical Trails in Superficial Venous Interventions. 2nd International Veins Meeting, College of Phlebology (CoP), London, UK, 14-16 Mar 2018, 2nd International Veins Meeting, College of Phlebology (CoP), London, 2018
  • 1st Prize -Poster. Kalodiki E, Fareed J, Reikensmeyer L, Walborn A, Hoppensteadt D, Walenga J, Ramacciotti E, Abro S, Jeske W, Bouchard O, Elalmay I. Idarucizumab, a specific antidote for dabigatran, cross-reacts with melagatran & may also interact with other benzamidine-containing compounds. 20-23 Feb 2018. (Poster - 1st prize), American Venous Forum, 30th annual meeting, Tucson, AZ, USA., 2018
  • Oral Prize (3rd) of the RSM. Simultaneous duplex and air-plethysmography in the assessment of calf muscle pumping. G Lobo, M Azzam, E Kalodiki, S Ash, CR Lattimer., Royal Society of Medicine Venous Forum, London, 10-12 Jul 2017., Venous Forum, 2017
  • Poster award. Kalodiki E, Dansdill D, Beverly J, Jeske W, Hoppensteadt D, Emanuele M, Fareed J, Jae S, Cho J S. A tri-block polymer vepoloxamer-188 potentiates action of heparin and tissue plasminogen activator in animal models. 17th meeting of the European Venous Forum and Royal Society of Medicine Venous Forum, London, 7-9 Jul 2016., 17th meeting of the European Venous Forum and Royal Society of Medicine Venous Forum, London, 7-9 Jul 2016. e-poster Prize award., 2016
  • The Mauro Bartolo lifetime achievement award 2016 in recognition of outstanding international scientific contribution in the field of vascular diseases and dedication in spreading the vascular medicine throughout the world., During the giornate angiologiche Scannesi by the president of the SIDV and GIUV Prof Pier Luigi Antignani., 2016
  • Lattimer CR, Kalodiki E, Azzam M, Schnatterbeck P, Geroulakos G.Haemodynamic impact of stenting on symptomatic iliac venous lesions Charing Cross International symposium, London, 26-29 Apr 2016. Oral presentation prize award, 2016
  • Oral Prize (Bronze) of the ACP. Evaluation of the pumping performance of common peroneal nerve stimulation using air-plethysmography. Lattimer CR, Zymvragoudakis V, Azzam M, Kalodiki E, Geroulakos G. American College of Phlebology, Orlando, Florida, 12-15 Nov 2015, 2015
  • Oral Prize (2nd) CR Lattimer, S Doucet, E Kalodiki, M Azzam, V Ibegbuna, G Geroulakos. Increased thigh compression pressure correlates with a reduction in the venous drainage index of air-plethysmography. 16th Annual meeting of the European Venous Forum. St Petersburg 2-4 July 2015., 2015
  • Lattimer CR, Kalodiki E, Syed D, Geroulakos G, Fareed J, Hoppensteadt D. The ankle cubital d-dimer ratio (ACDR) is independent of age and confirms increased prothrombotic activity at the site of varicose veins. XXVI World congress of the International Union of Angiology (IUA) Sydney 10-14 Aug 2014(PRIZE for oral presentation), 2014
  • Poster Prize. C.R. Lattimer, M. Azzam, G.C. Makris, E. Kalodiki, S. Somiayajulu, G. Geroulakos. Pulsatile ante-grade great saphenous flow is associated with severe chronic superficial venous insufficiency. American Venous Forum. 24th Annual Meeting, 8-11 Feb, 2012, Orlando, Florida., American Venous Forum. 24th Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida., 2012
  • Oral Prize (2nd). Endogenous markers of thrombogenesis are significantly increased in patients with varicose veins. Lattimer CR, Kalodiki E, Hoppensteadt D, Chaudhry Z, Fareed J, Nicolaides AN, Geroulakos G. 12th meeting of the European Venous Forum, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 30/6 to 3/7/2011., 2011
  • Award for best lecture, Oral Prize. Wide Differences in the estimation of cost in endovenous laser therapy for varicose veins. Lattimer CR, Piper S, Kalodiki E, Shawish E, Geroulakos G. 24th International Congress of the International Academy Laser medicine and Surgery. Florence, 5-6 Nov 2010., The international Academy Laser Medicine and Surgery., 2010
  • Poster Prize. How I would save the NHS. Women in Surgery (WINS) Royal College of Surgeons. 5 Nov 2007., Women in Surgery (WINS) Royal College of Surgeons, 2007
  • IUA Prize for oral presentation. The significance of CT infarction in patients with carotid stenosis. A follow-up study. Kalodiki E, Tegos TJ, Nicolaides AN. The 18th World Congress of the International Union of Angiology. Tokyo, Japan. 14-19 Sep 1998., The 18th World Congress of the International Union of Angiology, 1998

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, 2009
  • European Venous Forum - Founding member and scientific secretary until 2015., 2000
  • The Hellenic surgical society, 1995
  • General Medical Council, 1984
  • Athens Medical Association, 1979
  • Women in Surgery (WinS) - Royal College of Surgeons, Women in Surgery (WinS) - Royal College of Surgeons
  • Society of Academic Research Surgery
  • European Society for Vascular Surgery
  • International Union of Angiology. Member of the scientific, guidelines and publications committee. Advisor to the president.
  • Hellenic Society of Professional People & Scientists in GB. Past President.
  • American Venous Forum Member 2012-
  • Hellenic Medical Society (UK)


  • 1st course in genetic and acquired thrombophilia: investigation and management, European school of genetic medicine. Eumedis Program of the European Commission. Limassol, Cyprus

Editorial Boards

  • Phlebological Rreview, Section editor. Thromboembolic disorders, 2014
  • Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis
  • Phlebology, Reviewer
  • Acta Phlebologica, Associated Editor
  • EJVES, Reviewer
  • International Angiology, Editorial Committee