Imperial College London

Dr Emma-Jane Mallas

Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Brain Sciences

Research Associate







901,902Sir Michael Uren HubWhite City Campus






Parker TD, Zimmerman KA, Laverse E, et al., 2023, Active elite rugby participation is associated with altered precentral cortical thickness, Brain Communications, Vol:5, ISSN:2632-1297

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Del Giovane M, Trender WR, Bălăeţ M, et al., 2023, Computerised cognitive assessment in patients with traumatic brain injury: an observational study of feasibility and sensitivity relative to established clinical scales, Eclinicalmedicine, Vol:59, ISSN:2589-5370

Ibitoye R, Mallas E-J, Bourke N, et al., 2023, The human vestibular cortex: functional anatomy of OP2, its connectivity and the effect of vestibular disease, Cerebral Cortex, Vol:33, ISSN:1047-3211, Pages:567-582

Mallas E-J, Gorgoraptis N, Dautricourt S, et al., 2022, Pathological slow-wave activity and impaired working memory binding in post-traumatic amnesia, The Journal of Neuroscience, Vol:42, ISSN:0270-6474, Pages:9193-9210

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