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Research Grants & Collaborations

I have been awarded >£3.5M of grant funding as a Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator or Research Co-Investigator. In 2018, I co-wrote a NERC grant (£2.03M) "A Novel Framework for Predicting Emerging Chemical Stressor Impacts in Complex Ecosystems" as a Research Co-Investigator (PI: Woodward). Since starting as a Lecturer at Imperial College in January 2020, I have been awarded £39K to investigate the potential of seagrass as carbon offsetting tool (PI), £626K as a Co-Investigator on two grants investigating "SARS-CoV-2 in Sewage Treatment Works: Environmental Impact, Infectivity and Prevalence Modelling" (NERC & Imperial College COVID Research Fund; PI: Savolainen), £515K as a Co-Investigator investigating "SARS-CoV interactions with air pollution" (EPSRC; PI: Chung), £137K as a Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator investigating novel molecular methods for detecting viral pathogens (Innovate UK, ACE Home Office Funding) and £41K to develop an island health index app for the Maldives (Imperial College Strategic Research Fund; Co-Investigator). In addition to the grants above, I have received funding from the Basis Foundation, the Grantham Institute, NBAF, EU ASSEMBLE and the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology. 

Postdoctoral Researchers

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Dr Tom Smith (2020; Private Funding). Project: "Investigating the feasibility of seagrass as a carbon offsetting tool". 

Dr Chris Adams (2020; PhD pending corrections). Project: "Local and global stressors combine to produce ‘ecological surprises’ for aquatic microbes."

Dr Scott Jones (2022; Innovate UK funded). Project: "UNTAP: RNA sensors for wastewater detection".

PhD Students

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Ms Margaux Steyaert (2018-2022; with Dr C Head, ZSL & Prof M Bonsall, University of Oxford; NERC SSCP funded). Project: "Understanding cryptic benthic coral reef diversity in the Chagos Archipelago". 

Mr Jake Williams (2020-2024; with Dr N Pettorelli, ZSL & Dr C Meyer, Smithsonian NMNH; NERC QMEE funded). Project: "Not just corals and fishes: distribution modelling and management of dark diversity on coral reefs."

Ms Rosie Dowell (2020-2024; with Dr C Yesson & Dr C Head, ZSL; NERC SSCP funded, CASE support: NatureMetrics). Project: "Developing Environmental DNA techniques as a marine biodiversity montioring tool in the Indian Ocean".