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Edward Rhodes is a research associate who works for the Interventional Systems Neuroscience Lab (ISN) at the UK Dementia Research Institute. His current role is to oversee the translation of the ISN lab's fundamental neuroscientific and engineering discoveries into treatments for patients with neurodegenerative disease.



Schreglmann S, Wang D, Peach R, et al., 2020, Non-invasive amelioration of essential tremor via phase-locked disruption of its temporal coherence, Nature Communications, Vol:12, ISSN:2041-1723

Gaetz W, Rhodes E, Bloy L, et al., 2020, Evaluating motor cortical oscillations and age-related change in autism spectrum disorder, Neuroimage, Vol:207, ISSN:1053-8119

Rhodes E, Gaetz WC, Marsden J, et al., 2018, Transient Alpha and Beta Synchrony Underlies Preparatory Recruitment of Directional Motor Networks, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Vol:30, ISSN:0898-929X, Pages:867-875

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