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Eduardo joined Imperial College in October 2009. He received his MsC from the Universidad de Cantabria (Spain) and  his PhD from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in 1992. His PhD project was carried out at the Instituto de Cerámica y Vidrio – CSIC. There he worked in the development of ceramic superconducting thick films. In 1992 he joined Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA) with a Fulbright fellowship and remained there as a staff scientist until 2009. In Berkeley he worked in the fields of high temperature capillarity, joining, composites and biomaterials.

His research interests include the development of new processing techniques for the fabrication of ceramic-based composites, in particular hierarchical composites with bioinspired architectures, the study of high temperature interfacial phenomena such as spreading,  the fabrication of graphene-based structures and composites and the development of new materials to support bone tissue engineering.

At Imperial College, he is the director of the Centre for Advanced Structural Ceramics (CASC). 

Eduardo is currently the coordinator of BioBone, an Intial Traning Network in the field of bioceramics funded inthe FP7 framework with nine academic and industrial partners. 


December 2013

Miriam Miranda, Esther Garcia-Tunon and Eleonora D'Elia gave oral presentations in the 5th International Conference of Mechanics of Biomaterials and Tissues in Sitges (Spain).

Dr Victoria Garcia Rocha joined the group as a Marie Curie Fellow to work on graphene-based materials. Welcome!

November 2013

BioBone workshop:  Mechanical characterization of ceramic-based materials at different scales. November 6-7. Lyon. France.

July 2103

On the 4-5th July 2013 will take place the BioBone Workshop on New Processing Techniques for Bioceramics, everyone is welcome to participate.

May 2013

Mr Lucas Koenig and Miss Chiemi Avila Mori Join the group for an MSc thesis and they will be working with Dr Miranda and Miss Eleonora D'Elia on Adhesion testing of biopolymer interfaces and bioinspired self/healing composites with a graphene/oxide polymer matrix respectively.
Welcome both! 

January 2013

Mr Hokwon Kim has passed his PhD viva with the title "A study of the nucleation and growth mechanism of graphene on copper" and he is now moving to France for his new job. Congratulations Dr Hokwon Kim, and the best of luck for the future

Paella in celebration of Hokwon''s successPaella in celebration of Dr Hokwon's Successful Viva!

Mr Claudio Ferraro and Mr Gil Machado join the group as PhD students and will be researching in the area of bioceramics as part of the BioBone-ITN. Welcome!

Miss Nida Mahmud, Miss Diane Chircop, Miss Judy Liao, Mr Yinghui Cao and Mr Yao Meng Join the group for their final Master Project. Welcome and good luck to you all!

September 2012

Miss Eleonora D''''''''Elia wins the best student presentation compesition at the International Workshop of Advanced Ceramics held in Imperial College London ( IWAC05). Congratulations!

July 2012

Dr Rui Hao joins the group for a postdoc in collaboration with Dr Finn Giuliani on characterisation and mechanical testing of several materials such as Glass, Alumina and Boron Carbides. Welcome! 

May 2012

Mr. Peter Tympel, student in the Aeronautics master in composites, joins the group to complete his master thesis. He will work on sintering of calcium phosphate composites. Welcome!

April 2012

Mrs. Rabea-Naemi Cegla joins the group as part of UROP placement in freeze-casting of alumina and silicon carbide,  coming from FH-Koblenz, Hoehr-Grenzhausen (Germany). Welcome!

March 2012

The project “BioBone: Bioceramics for bone repair” starts with a kickoff meeting at Imperial.  This is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) involving Imperial College London, INSA Lyon, University of Erlangen, Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya, University of Mons-Hainaut, AO foundation, Noraker, Ceram, Ceramtec, and Keramat

February 2012

Mr. Arnaud Sors joins the group to carry out a research thesis on metal-organic framework films, coming from the École Polytechnique (France). Welcome!

January 2012

Ms. Paula do Vale Pereira joins the group to carry out a research internship, coming from Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina – UFSC. Welcome!

December 2011

Both Dr. Miriam Miranda and Dr. Suelen Barg have been awarded a intraeuropean Marie Curie fellowship to research at Imperial for 2 years. Congratulations!

November 2011

We start filling our brand new lab for wet chemical processing! Exciting! 

October 2011

Ms. Eleonora D''''''''Elia joins us a for a PhD on Self-Healing composite materials after completing an MSc in Biomaterials at Imperial College London. Welcome!!

Dr. Na Ni has won the EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship. Congratulations!

Dr. Esther García-Tuñon joins us for a postdoc after her PhD at University of Santiago. She will be working on calcium phosphates. Welcome!!

Ms. Flora Babot joins us for a thesis on freeze-casting. Welcome!

Dr. Claudia Walter, after winning a Marie-Curie Intra-European fellowship, leaves the group to occupy a research associate position at University of Cambridge. All the best!

September 2011

Goki Eda leaves the group to occupy a professor assistant position at National University of Singapore. All the best!

We have sucessfully participated in the 8th International Workshop on Interfaces at the boundary between natural and synthetic materials, held in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Dr. Na Ni joins us for a postdoc after her PhD at Oxford University. She will be working on TEM characterisation among others. Welcome!!

Dr. Claudia Walter and Dr. Salvador Eslava get the first and second best poster prize at Imperial College Postdoc Symposium in the Department of Materials. Congratulations!!

Muhammad Zaiviji Ismail and Xiaotian Li join the group to complete their MSc thesis.

April 2011

Dr. Cecilia Mattevi gives an oral presentation at MRS Spring 2011 San Francisco about CVD growth of graphene.

March 2011

HoKwon wins the 2nd prize for the Best Poster Design and Layout at Imperial College Department of Materials Postgraduate Research Day 2011. Congratulations!

February 2011

Dr. Salvador Eslava joins us after his postdoc at University of Cambridge. He will be working on bioceramics (hydroxyapatite, tricalcium phosphates... ). Welcome!!

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Saiz Gutierrez E, Picot O, Ferraro C, et al., 2017, Using graphene networks to build bioinspired self-monitoring ceramics, Nature Communications, Vol:8, ISSN:2041-1723

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More Publications