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Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction

Honorary Senior Research Fellow







OP14Sir Alexander Fleming BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Emmanuel Saridakis

BSc in Physics (1991), PhD in Biophysics/Crystallography (1995), both at the Physics Department, Imperial College. MSc in Philosophy and History of Science at the London School of Economics (2000).

Presently Researcher B (Reader equivalent) at the Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, National Centre for Scientific Research "DEMOKRITOS" in Athens, Greece, and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Imperial College Faculty of Medicine (Department of Surgery and Cancer, Crystallisation Laboratory, headed by Prof. Naomi Chayen).

Research interests: crystallisation of macromolecules (focussing on the use of phase diagrams, nucleation studies and the development of automation techniques) and macromolecular crystallography.



Saridakis E, Vishwakarma R, Lai-Kee-Him J, et al., 2022, Cryo-EM structure of transcription termination factor Rho from <i>Mycobacterium tuberculosis</i> reveals bicyclomycin resistance mechanism, Communications Biology, Vol:5

Panagiotakis S, Saridakis E, Malanga M, et al., 2022, A Self-locked β-Cyclodextrin-rhodamine B Spirolactam with Photoswitching Properties, Chemistry-an Asian Journal, Vol:17, ISSN:1861-4728

Saridakis E, 2021, The genetic informational network: how DNA conveys semantic information, History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences, Vol:43, ISSN:0391-9714

Govada L, Saridakis E, Kassen SC, et al., 2021, X-ray crystallographic studies of RoAb13 bound to PIYDIN, a part of the N-terminal domain of C-C chemokine receptor 5, Iucrj, Vol:8, ISSN:2052-2525, Pages:678-683

Saridakis E, Coste F, 2021, Thermal Shift Assay for Characterizing the Stability of RNA Helicases and Their Interaction with Ligands, Rna Remodeling Proteins, 2 Edition, Vol:2209, ISSN:1064-3745, Pages:73-85

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