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Prof Ed Tate

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Chemistry

GSK Chair in Chemical Biology



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Our group undertakes research in chemical biology, chemical proteomics, protein and peptide chemistry, and medicinal chemistry and drug discovery.

The group is highly multidisciplinary, with researchers working on synthesis and structural biology, proteomics and cell biology, on in vitro and in vivo systems, often undertaking work in collaboration with labs at Imperial in Medicine, Engineering and Natural Sciences, and groups at institutes and companies across the UK and worldwide. Group membership is also highly diverse - more than 145 researchers have worked in our group over the years, encompassing 28 nationalities.

Please visit the Tate Group Website for further details.


Ed Tate, Imperial College London, Department of Chemistry, Novel adjuvants for antibody-based cancer therapeutics: design, biological characterization and influence on membrane-protein structure, 2014

Prof. Rita Tewari, University of Nottingham, Parasite Cell Biology, 2007

Professor Miguel Seabra, NHLI, Imperial College London, Protein Trafficking

Dr Neil Fairweather, Life Sciences, Imperial College London, S-layer proteins

Dr David Mann, Life Sciences, Imperial College London, Cancer biology

Dr Ernesto Cota Segura, Life Sciences, Imperial College London, Protein NMR

Dr. Ramesh Wigneshweraraj, Medicine, Imperial College London, Molecular Microbiology

Professor Rob Krams, Bioengineering, Imperial College London, Bioengineering

Dr. Rudiger Woscholski, Chemistry, Imperial College London, Signal Transduction

Dr. Tony Holder, National Institute for Medical Research, Molecular Parasitology

Professor Deborah Smith, University of York, Molecular Parasitology

Dr. Xiaodong Zhang, Medicine, Imperial College London, Structural Biology

Professor Robin Leatherbarrow, Chemistry, Imperial College London, Chemical Biology

Professor Martin Buck, Life Sciences, Imperial College London, Molecular Microbiology

Research Student Supervision

Joyce,W, Chemical Biology of Flowering Time Control

patel,S, Chemical proteomics and fatty acid elongation