Imperial College London

DrErikvan Sebille

Faculty of Natural SciencesThe Grantham Institute for Climate Change

Honorary Lecturer



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Sherfield BuildingSouth Kensington Campus




Research Staff


Research Student Supervision

Axelsson,C, Coastal Plastics: Solving Multiple Problems

Bull,C, Inter-ocean exchange around Southern Australia and its relation to regional and global climate.

Dubois,P, Unintentional consequences: a study on the nexus between Climate Change Policy and the Plastics Economy

Kronborg,J, Accuracy of Lagrangian integration schemes for tracking marine litter

McAdam,R, The connected ocean: redrawing ocean boundaries and the impact of inter-ocean transports on climate and ecosystems

Rhys Hedgeland,T, Location, Location, Location: A Quantification of Land Sourced Plastic inputs into the Ocean around the UK and Europe

Sherman,P, Modeling marine surface microplastic transport to assess optimal removal locations