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Ekaterina Maslova is a Teaching Fellow in Global Health at the School of Public Health where she helps coordinate, develop, and teach on the Master of Public Health (Global Health stream). She has previously taught undergraduate students at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, and served as Module lead in Epidemiology at Metropol University College in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her teaching interests are in interactive and innovative content delivery, and skill-based sessions.  

Ekaterina also holds a postdoctoral research fellowship at Statens Serum Insitut in Copenhagen, funded by the Danish Diabetes Academy. Her main research interests are nutritional exposures in early life and their influence on long-term health, especially in more vulnerable populations, such as those exposed to maternal hyperglycemia and obesity. She supervises both PhD and Master’s students in these topic areas.

Ekaterina got her Doctoral degree from Harvard School of Public Health in the Departments of Nutrition and Epidemiology. Her doctoral thesis examined prenatal fatty acid status and risk of child allergic disease in two US and Danish prebirth cohorts. She has also completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Reproductive and Development Biology at Imperial College London.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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More Publications