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Elena is a Research Associate with the Lloyds Register Foundation Transport Risk Management Centre at the Centre for Transport Studies.

She is specialising in aviation safety with a focus on the safe use of airspace by all air operators. Of particular interest is the quality of the safety data used in safety management and the complexity of human performance. Among others, she is being investigating the impact of electronic flight bags to the pilot performance and the influence of weather on pilot decision making.  

During her doctoral research, Elena developed a framework that systematically collects, assesses and analyses reports of safety incidents. She also developed a taxonomy of contributory factors to airspace infringements.

Elena has been collaborating with key institutions internationally. She is actively contributing to the aviation safety campaign in Canada that aims to address key safety issues of the general aviation community.

Elena obtained her PhD in aviation safety and general aviation at the Centre funded by the Lloyds Register Foundation. She also holds an MSc degree in Transport from Imperial College and University College London and an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from Cyprus University of Technology. She won scholarships and awards for her academic excellence throughout her studies. In particular, Elena received the award for the best poster at the International Conference of Lloyds Register Foundation in 2016.