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I am a third year SSCP DTP PhD student in the Carbon Cycle research group supervised by Dr. Heather Graven and Dr. Tim Arnold (National Physical Laboratory and University of Edinburgh).

My research focuses on using different carbon isotopic tracers in methane to differentiate between methane sources. I use isotopic tracers to analyse sources from atmospheric methane measurements (such as those made here at Imperial) which can be used to evaluate emissions inventories (though simulations using atmospheric transport models). 

I am interested in methane sources and emissions from across the British Isles and how isotopic tracers and atmospheric models can be used to improve our understanding of regional sources and emissions.  

I am also interested in using satellite measurements where I have recently been analysing methane retrievals from the TROPOMI instrument over the British Isles and comparing these data to an atmospheric composition reanalysis model.  

I have a penchant for teaching and science communication, and I'm always happy to be emailed questions about my research. 

Teaching and Supervising


I have been a TA for the following first year undergraduate courses:

    2018 -2021    Mechanics and Relativity 

    2018 -2021    Oscillations and Waves

    2019 -2021    Vector Fields and Electromagnetism 

    2019 -2021    Statistics of Measurement

    2018              Quantum Physics


I have co-supervised two MSc Physics projects:

"Analysing the isotopic composition of atmospheric CO2 in urban areas" - Rafat Ahmed (2020)

"Measurements and simulations of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations in central London" - Yousuf Makki (2020)

I have co-supervised one UROP summer project:

"Comparing simulation output and Imperial weather data for 2018-2019" - Emir Sezil (2020)

and supervised one other UROP summer project:

"Searching for methane super-emitters using TROPOMI satellite retrievals" - Zanxu Wang (2021)

Note: Heather Graven was the primary supervisor on all the above projects.

Science communication

I am a big advocate of science communication and have over five years experience in running public engagement and outreach events, giving talks in schools and presenting at science festivals. 

I recently helped to develop an outreach activity as part of the Grantham Institute's Aviation Challenge Team that raises awareness of the negative impacts of flying on the environment. 

Just a little time lapse of when I visited the Heathfield tall-tower measurement site in August 2019 where we performed some routine maintenance checks. (It was close to 30C in the lab!)