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Advanced Research Fellow



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  • Development of a combined meningococcal-pneumococcal vaccine (in collaboration with Brendan Wren and Jon Cuccui of LSHTM)
  • Analysis of the functional human adaptive immunity to Neisseria meningitidis following pharyngeal challenge with the commensal, Neisseria lactamica (in collaboration with Robert Read and Adam Dale of University of Southampton)
  • Gonococcal molecular biology and development of therapeutics to combat antimicrobial-resistant gonococci


Professor Robert ReadDr Adam Dale, University of Southampton, Neisserial immunology, 2020

Professor David GoldblattDr Helen Wagstaffe, University College London, Group A Streptococcal immunology, 2019

Professor Brendan WrenDr Jon Cuccui, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), Bacterial glycoengineering, 2017

Research Student Supervision

Davies,C, Identification and cloning of fully-human monoclonal antibodies (hmAbs) from pneumococcal-specific human memory B cells.

Gladstone,C, Optimisation of recombinant expression of human antibodies and their use to derive vaccines for infectious diseases: meningococcal disease as an exemplar

Mendes,J, Human cellular and humoral responses to a recombinant meningococcal glycoprotein

O'Leary,S, Towards Understanding the Human Antimeningococcal Immune Response Elicited by Neisseria Lactamica

Siris,S, Identification of pneumococcal vaccine antigens using Reverse Vaccinology 2.0