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I am a Senior Clinical Research Fellow in Paediatric Infectious Diseases, and an honorary consultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

I work between the UK and Harare, Zimbabwe on a portfolio of studies aimed at improving diagnosis, management and prevention of neonatal sepsis in low-resource settings. I'm particularly interested in how we can improve infection prevention and control (IPC) and limit the spread of anti-microbial resistance, despite the challenges of working with few and intermittent resources.

I am part of a multidisciplinary international team led by Michelle Heys at University College London which has co-developed Neotree, a digital quality improvement tool aiming to support clinicians in Malawi and Zimbabwe care for vulnerable neonates while capturing data: since 2018 we have captured data on >20,000 neonates and trained >350 clinicians in four facilities in Malawi and Zimbabwe. 

My previous work has included a PhD supervised by Professor Nigel Klein at University College London investigating microbial translocation in children with HIV in Uganda. During my PhD I volunteered to work clinically in the 2014-2015 West African Ebola Virus Disease outbreak, and stayed on to set up the largest paediatric cohort study to date investigating nosocomial transmission of Ebola Virus Disease and outcomes for those children infected with EVD.

I trained in medicine at Trinity College, Cambridge; and UCL Medical School prior to following the Academic Clinical Training Pathway in Paediatric Infectious Diseases, obtaining my Certificate of Completion of Training in 2022.

I'm currently supervising Wellcome and MRC funded PhD students working between Zimbabwe, Uganda and the UK, and would be delighted to hear from potential students at undergraduate and postgraduate level, especially those from low-resource settings.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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