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Professor in Structural Ceramics



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During his PhD, Finn worked on understanding and controlling small scale plasticity in multilayered ceramics coatings. Particular emphasis was placed on measuring and observing small scale plasticity at elevated temperatures.

While in Sweden he concentrated on deformation of a group of nanolaminated ceramics known as MAX phases. These are a group of ternary nitrides and carbides, for examples Ti3SiC2, which combine ceramic and metallic properties. However, of particular interest is their ability to dissipate energy through reverse plasticity. This continues to be a topic of research.

He also has interest in ternary nitride systems which offer the possibility of an age hardenable ceramic. These systems are of particular importance to the cutting tool industry.

Finally he has an interest in novel in situ mechanical testing regimes whether in TEM, SEM or synchrotron.

Research Staff


Research Student Supervision

Al Nasiri,N, Fatigue of monolithic ceramics

Besnard,C, Si doped Boron Carbide for Armour

Bisceglia,M, Finite Element Modelling and Experimental Characterisation of SCC in Primary Circuit Material


Ciurea,C, Understanding the High Temperature Properties of TiN and TiAlN

Glymond,D, High Toughness Mullite

Wang,J, Thermomechanical performance of ultra-high temperature ceramics