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Dr Florian Glöcklhofer

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Chemistry

Research Associate (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow)



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Molecular Sciences Research HubWhite City Campus





Florian Glöcklhofer is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellow in the Department of Chemistry. His research interests lie in the field of conjugated small molecules and polymers for organic electronics. Currently, his focus is on the synthesis of redox-active conjugated macrocycles for transistors and batteries. The macrocycles are designed to self-assemble into tubular structures, facilitating the transport of ions and electrons in the material.

Florian received his PhD in 2017 from TU Wien (Vienna), where he developed a new method to synthesise cyanated aromatic compounds. Initially funded by a research scholarship, he later changed to a University Assistant position with additional teaching and supervising duties. For his PhD thesis, Florian received the prestigious “Talent Promotion Award for Sciences” from the Government of Upper Austria.

Before he moved to Imperial, Florian spent another year at TU Wien as a postdoctoral researcher, developing thioalkyl-substituted polymers and post-polymerization modification methods.


Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Rimmele M, Ableidinger K, Marsh AV, et al., 2019, Thioalkyl- and Sulfone-Substituted Poly(p-Phenylene Vinylene)s, Polymer Chemistry, Vol:10, ISSN:1759-9954, Pages:738-750

Glöcklhofer F, Petritz A, Karner E, et al., Dicyano- and tetracyanopentacene: foundation of an intriguing new class of easy-to-synthesize organic semiconductors, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, Vol:5, ISSN:2050-7526, Pages:2603-2610

Glöcklhofer F, Lunzer M, Stöger B, et al., 2016, A Versatile One-Pot Access to Cyanoarenes from ortho- and para-Quinones: Paving the Way for Cyanated Functional Materials, Chemistry - A European Journal, Vol:22, ISSN:0947-6539, Pages:5173-5180

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