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Hi there!

I am a research associate in the Verification of Autonomous Systems group at Imperial College, working with Alessio Lomuscio. I am also affiliated with the Centre for Explainable Artificial Intelligence at Imperial. My research concerns the verification of learning-enabled systems within the DARPA Assured Autonomy Program.

Before joining Imperial, I obtained a PhD in Computer Science from RWTH Aachen University and UNIGE with a thesis on AI Planning.

You might want to check out my personal web page to get a better picture of what I’ve done professionally so far.



Henriksen P, Leofante F, Lomuscio A, Repairing misclassifications in neural networks using limited data, SAC '22

Kouvaros P, Kyono T, Leofante F, et al., 2021, Formal analysis of neural network-based systems in the aircraft domain, International Symposium on Formal Methods, Springer International Publishing, Pages:730-740, ISSN:0302-9743

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Guidotti D, Leofante F, Pulina L, et al., 2020, Verification of Neural Networks: Enhancing Scalability Through Pruning., IOS Press, Pages:2505-2512

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