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Filippo is a Research Associate at Imperial College London, working on optimisation, optimal control and estimation problems for water supply networks. His research focuses on the analysis and optimisation of large scale networked systems. Filippo is also interested in nonconvex optimisation, mixed integer programming and multiobjective optimisation.

Filippo received a PhD in optimisation (water supply networks) from Imperial College London in 2018. Before joining Imperial College, he completed BSc and MSc degrees in Mathematics at Universit√† degli Studi di Padova, Italy.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Pecci F, Abraham E, Stoianov I, 2019, Model Reduction and Outer Approximation for Optimizing the Placement of Control Valves in Complex Water Networks, Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, Vol:145, ISSN:0733-9496

Pecci F, Abraham E, Stoianov I, 2018, Global optimality bounds for the placement of control valves in water supply networks, Optimization and Engineering, ISSN:1389-4420, Pages:1-39

Pecci F, Abraham E, Stoianov I, 2017, Quadratic head loss approximations for optimisation problems in water supply networks, Journal of Hydroinformatics, Vol:19, ISSN:1464-7141, Pages:493-506

Pecci F, Abraham E, Stoianov I, 2017, Penalty and relaxation methods for the optimal placement and operation of control valves in water supply networks, Computational Optimization and Applications, Vol:67, ISSN:0926-6003, Pages:201-223

Pecci F, Abraham E, Stoianov I, 2017, Scalable Pareto set generation for multiobjective co-design problems in water distribution networks: a continuous relaxation approach, Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, Vol:55, ISSN:1615-147X, Pages:857-869


Pecci F, Abraham E, Stoianov I, 2017, Outer approximation methods for the solution of co-design optimisation problems in water distribution networks, 20th IFAC World Congress, Elsevier, Pages:5373-5379, ISSN:1474-6670

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