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Fan Shi received a BSc degree in Acoustics from Nanjing University in 2010, a MSc in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2012, and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College in 2015.  From 2016 He worked as a postdoc research associate in Imperial College. 

His research interests are elastic wave scattering, theory and numerical modelling, inverse method and wave imaging, mainly with applications in Nondestructive evaluation.  He also works on other areas utilizing acoustic wave as a sensing tool, such as rock physics, corrosion and medical imaging.  He is particularly interested in bringing fundamental understanding of wave scattering into real applications.  



Shi F, Lowe M, Skelton EA, et al., 2018, A time-domain finite element boundary integral approach for elastic wave scattering, Computational Mechanics, Vol:61, ISSN:0178-7675, Pages:471-483

Shi F, Lowe M, Craster R, 2017, Diffusely scattered and transmitted elastic waves by random rough solid-solid interfaces using an elastodynamic Kirchhoff approximation, Physical Review B, Vol:95, ISSN:2469-9950

Shi F, Lowe MJS, Craster RV, 2016, Recovery of correlation function of internal random rough surfaces from diffusely scattered elastic waves, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, Vol:99, ISSN:0022-5096, Pages:483-494

Craster RV, Lowe M, Shi F, et al., 2016, Diffuse scattered field of elastic waves from randomly rough surfaces using an analytical Kirchhoff theory, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, Vol:92, ISSN:0022-5096, Pages:260-277

Shi F, Choi W, Lowe MJS, et al., 2015, The validity of Kirchhoff theory for scattering of elastic waves from rough surfaces, Proceedings of the Royal Society A-mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences, Vol:471, ISSN:1364-5021

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