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Low-inertia Power System Operation 

Inertia Forecasting, Low-inertia System Scheduling, Ancillary Service Market Design, and Frequency Services from RES and DSR:

- “Short-term System Inertia Forecast”, National Grid ESO (NIA_NGSO0020), £300k, 2019-2020, PI

- “V2Street”, Innovate UK (104224), £1M, 2018-2020, Co-I

- “Agent-based simulation approach to the provision of ancillary service by demand response and distributed storage and generation assets in the future low carbon system”, ESRC DTP Studentship (ES/P000703/1), 2018-2021, PI

- F. Teng, V. Trovato, and G. Strbac, “Stochastic Scheduling with Inertia-dependent Fast Frequency Response” IEEE Trans. Power Syst., 2016

- F. Teng and G. Strbac, “Assessment of the Role and Value of Frequency Response Support from Wind Plants” IEEE Trans. Sustain. Energy, 2016

- L. Badesa, F. Teng (*) and G. Strbac “Pricing inertia and Frequency Response with diverse dynamics in a MISOCP formulation”, Applied Energy, 2020

- ZD. Chu, U. Markovic, G. Hug, and F. Teng (*), “Towards Optimal System Scheduling with Synthetic Inertia Provision from Wind Turbines”, IEEE Trans. Power Syst, 2020

Data Analytics in Power System

Forecasting, Flexibility Quantification, Data Market, and Data Privacy and Security:

- “Short-term System Inertia Forecast”, National Grid ESO (NIA_NGSO0020), £300k, 2019-2020, PI

- "AI applications in future energy markets: market implications and regulatory requirements”, ESRC DTP Studentship (ES/P000703/1), 2020-2023, PI 

- "Consumer-centric privacy protection scheme for energy consumption data", EPSRC (through Supergen Energy Networks, SENFC1-032), £50k, 2020, PI

- "False data injection attack against machine-learning-based energy forecasting algorithms", European Partners Fund, £5k, 2019-2021, PI

- M. Sun, F. Teng (*), I. Konstantinos and G. Strbac “An Objective-based Scenario Selection Approach for Transmission Network Expansion Planning with Multivariate Stochasticity in Load and Renewable Energy Source”, Energy,  2018

- M. Sun, Y. Wang, F. Teng (*), YJ. Ye, G. Strbac, CQ. Kang, “Clustering-Based Residential Baseline Estimation: A Probabilistic Perspectives”, IEEE Trans. Smart Grid, 2019

- S. Camal, F. Teng, A. Michiorri, G. Kariniotakis and L. Badesa “Scenario generation of aggregated Wind, Photovoltaics and small Hydro production for power systems applications”, Applied Energy, 2019

Cyber-physical Power System

Cyber-physical System Modelling, Cybersecurity, and Resilient Control and Operation under Cyberattacks:

- "Technology Transformation to Support Flexible and Resilient Local Energy Systems", EPSRC (EP/T021780/1), £809k, 2020-2023, Co-I

- “Socio-Techno-Economic Pathways for sustainable Urban energy DeveloPment (STEP-UP)”, ESRC (ES/T000112/1), £300k, 2019-2022, Co-I

- “Holistic Cyber-physical System Modelling for Cyber-security Analysis in Electricity Systems”, EPSRC CDT Studentship (EP/L015471/1), 2018-2021, PI

- M. Higgins, F. Teng (*) and T. Parisini “Stealthy MTD Against Unsupervised Learning-based Blind FDI Attacks in Power Systems”, IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics & Security, under second-round review

- PD. Ge, BL. Chen and F. Teng (*)Event-triggered distributed MPC for voltage control of an islanded microgrid”, International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, under second-round review

- PD. Ge, Y Zhu, TC Green and F. Teng (*), “Resilient Secondary Voltage Control of Microgrids: An ESKBF-Based Distributed Fast Terminal Sliding Mode Control Approach”, IEEE Trans. Power Syst, under third-round review