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Power System Operation with High Penetration of Inverter Based Generators

Inertia Forecasting,  Scheduling of Low-inertia and Low Short Circuit Current System,  and Ancillary Service Provision from RES and DSR:

- “Short-term System Inertia Forecast”, National Grid ESO (NIA_NGSO0020), 2019-2021, PI

- "Technology Transformation to Support Flexible and Resilient Local Energy Systems", EPSRC (EP/T021780/1), 2020-2023, Co-I

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Data-Driven Cyber-physical Power System

Cyber-physical System Modelling and Control, Cybersecurity, and Data Privacy and Security:

- “Socio-Techno-Economic Pathways for sustainable Urban energy DeveloPment (STEP-UP)”, ESRC (ES/T000112/1), 2019-2022, Co-I

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