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Software-defined Power Networks with High Penetration of Power Electronics:

Stability-constrained Optimization for System Operation and Planning, System Service Provision from RES and DSR (including both GFM and GFL), Forecasting for System Stability (e.g. Inertia, System Strength)

- “Short-term System Inertia Forecast”, National Grid ESO (NIA_NGSO0020), 2019-2021, PI

- "Technology Transformation to Support Flexible and Resilient Local Energy Systems", EPSRC (EP/T021780/1), 2020-2023, Co-I

-  “Stability Constrained Optimization in High IBR-Penetrated Power Systems, Part I, Part II”, under review

- “Towards Optimal System Scheduling with Synthetic Inertia Provision from Wind Turbines”, IEEE Trans. Power Syst, 2020 (TPWRS Oustanding Papers Award)

- "Priority-driven Self-optimizing Power Control Scheme for Interlinking Converters of Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid Clusters in Decentralized Manner", IEEE Trans. Power Electronics, 2021, (TPEL Best Papers Award)

- “Stochastic Scheduling with Inertia-dependent Fast Frequency ResponseIEEE Trans. Power Syst., 2016 (with over 310 citations)

Cyber Resiliency and PRIVACY of Digitalized Power Systems:

Cyber-resilient Control and Operation, Wireless Emergency Communication for Power Grids, Low-emission Energy Supply for ICT infrastructure, Data Privacy and Trading

-“Blockchain-enabled cloud-edge coordination for demand-side management”, EPSRC, 2021-2022, PI

- “Socio-Techno-Economic Pathways for sustainable Urban energy develoPment (STEP-UP)”, ESRC-NWO-NSFC, 2019-2022, Co-I 

-WK. XU, M. Higgins, JH. Wang, I. Jaimoukha and F. Teng, “Blending Data and Physics Against False Data Injection Attack: An Event-Triggered Moving Target Defence Approach”, IEEE Trans. Smart Grid, 2022

-S Chhachhi and F. Teng, "Market Value of Differentially-Private Smart Meter Data", ISGT NA, 2021

-PD. Ge, F. Teng, C Konstantinou and S. Hu “A Resilience-Oriented Centralised-to-Decentralised Framework for Networked Microgrids Management”, Applied Energy, 2021

ZD Chu, S. Lakshminarayana, B. Chaudhuri, and F. Teng. "Mitigating Load-Altering Attacks Against Power Grids Using Cyber-Resilient Economic DispatchIEEE Trans. Smart Grid, 2022