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Professor Fang Xie

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Materials

Professor of Functional Materials



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Our research focuses on the synthesis and fabrication of novel nanostructures (metallic, semiconducting, and dielectric) and their assemblies.   We then harness such hieratical nanosystems for nanobiotechnology and solar energy.  We are currently focusing on ultra-sensitive medical sensors and effective light harvesting for solar cells and expending their applications in enhanced bioimaging and effective charge separation for solar cells.  The current projects are listed below:

(1)  Synthesis and characterization of novel nanostructures by colloidal lithography technique.

(2)  Metal enhanced fluorescence for ultra-sensitive biosensing.

(3)  Novel nanostructures for effective light harvesting and charge separation of solar cells.

(4) ZnO nanoflowers for protein detection.

Variuos metal nanosrtuctures by colloidal lithography

Metal induced flourescense enhamncement


ZnO nanoflower - like aray

Research Staff



Research Student Supervision

Cosman,J, Master student, Graduated 2013. ZnO nanoflower-like array for biosensing

Jawad,Z, PhD Student. Plasmonic Nano-arrays for Early Diagnostics of Pancreatic Cancer

Lamberti,F, Master student, Graduated 2013. Aluminium nanoprisms for localized surface plasmon applications

Maleprade,S, Undergraduate project, Graduated 2013. Hierarchical nanostructures for enhanced flow cytometry detection

Pang,J, PhD student, Graduated 2014. Designed Nanostructures for optics and biosensing

Price,D, PhD candidate, Metal induced fluorescence enhancement by novel nanostructure design

Qin,H, PhD Student, Novel Au Nanostars for Ultrasensive Biosensing

Wang,T, Graduated 2014.