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My research interests lie in the general areas of fluid dynamics and optics. I have engaged so far in a number of research topics such as droplet microfluidics, micron-scale flow visualization, laser trapping, microrheology, holographic microscopy and CFD.

In my current research project, I am developing microfluidic technologies for manufacturing and characterizing micron-sized ultralow interfacial tension droplets. I use microfluidic devices to generate monodisperse populations of ultradeformable droplets with accurate control over size and composition. I use digital video microscopy combined to microfluidic techniques to determine the physico-chemical properties of those soft particles (e.g. size, shape, interfacial tension, surfactant monolayer bending rigidity, etc.). Finally, I use optical traps to control the shape of these ultradeformable droplets and create complex 2D / 3D networks of droplets connected by stable threads of oil few nanometers across. I am using this networks to perform and investigate chemical reactions on the attolitre scale. Such microparticles have potential applications in medical devices, drug delivery, micromechanical systems, photonic materials and ion sources.





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  • FLUMACS , University of Rome, La Sapienza  - Superhydrophobic Surfaces and Micron-scale Flows
  • Prof. Colin Bain, University of Durham - Optonanofluidics Project
  • Prof. Mark Neil, Imperial College London - Optonanofluidics Project
  • Dr. Andy Ward, Central Laser Facility, STFC - Optonanofluidics Project
  • Dr. Christophe Pirat, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 - Superhydrophobic Surfaces
  • Dr. Cécile Cottin-BizonneUniversité Claude Bernard Lyon 1 - Superhydrophobic Surfaces