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Development of Core Outcome Measures sets for paediatric and adult Severe Asthma (COMSA)

Ekaterina Khaleva,  Anna Rattu, Chris Brightling, Andrew Bush, Apostolos Bossios, Arnaud Bourdin, Kian Fan Chung, Graham W. Clarke et al. Eur Respir J . 2022 Oct 13;2200606. doi: 10.1183/13993003.00606-2022.

3TR - A Pan-European cross-disease research consortium aimed at improving personalized biological treatment of asthma and COPD.

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The development of AZD7624 for prevention of exacerbations in COPD: a randomized controlled trial.

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Realising the potential of various inhaled airway challenge agents through improved delivery to the lungs.

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The effects of house dust mite sublingual immunotherapy tablet on immunologic biomarkers and nasal allergen challenge symptoms

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A Randomized Clinical Trial of Passive Immunotherapy with Single-Dose anti-Fel d 1 Monoclonal Antibodies REGN1908-1909 in Cat-induced Rhinoconjunctivitis: Exploratory Efficacy Endpoints, Safety, and Pharmacokinetics.

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AZD7624, an inhaled p38 inhibitor for COPD, attenuates lung and systemic inflammation after LPS Challenge in humans.

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Discordant intra-individual upper and lower airway responses following simultaneous nasal and bronchial allergen challenge:

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Launching the BIOSPIT Initiative: Harmonizing Sputum Outcomes in Multicenter Trials.

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