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Graham Cooke is NIHR Research Professor of Infectious Diseases based within the  the Wright-Fleming Institute at Imperial College. He trained in Oxford, London and South Africa. Prior to joining Imperial he was based at the Africa Health Research Institute in KwaZulu-Natal.

His current work is focussed on precision medicine for management of infectious diseases, particularly for HIV/viral hepatitis, mycobacterial disease and acute infection. From 2011-19, he led the clinical workstream for the MRC Stratified Medicine Consortium (STOPHCV) and is infection lead for the London In-vitro diagnostics co-operative. He was chief investigator on the STOPHCV-1 trial and currently has clinical studies running in the UK and Vietnam, in collaboration with the MRC Clinical Trials Unit. 

He is active in promoting access to medicine and is chair of the WHO Committee on the Selection and Use of Essential Medicines, responsible for updating and maintaining the WHO Essential Medicines List (EML). He led the Commission on Accelerating the Elimination of Viral Hepatitis, published here, and in 2019 was appointed to the Expert groups in HIV and hepatitis (the latter as convenor) for the Infected Blood Inquiry

Funding: NIHR, Wellcome Trust, MRC, Médecins sans Frontières, BRC Imperial College


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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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