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Professor Paul Elliott, Imperial College London, Appetite regulation, 2012

Professor Christofer Toumazou, Imperial Collefe, Vagal Control of Appetite, 2012

Professor Peter Wilde, Institute of Food Research, The impact of dietary fatty acids on appetite regulation, 2011

Professor Guang-Zhong Yang, Imperial College, 2010

Alan Mason, Premier Foods

Dr Harry PetersDr Fances BlighProfessor Mark Berry, Unilever, Appetite regulation

Prof Daniel Tome, Paris Agro Paris Tech

Profesor Tom Preston and Dr Douglas Morrison, Univesity of Glasgow

Professor John Blundell, Leeds University

Dr Daryl Williams, Imperial College

Professor Elaine Holmes, Imperial College

Professor Stephen Bloom

Professor Jimmy Bell, Imperial College

Guest Lectures

Prebiotic Supplementation Alters Hypothalamic Neuronal Activity and Protects Against the Obesogenic Environment, New York Academy of Science, New York Academy of Science, 2013

Austrialian Dietetic Association (turned down)

Indian Dietetic Association (turned down)

ESPEN 2003

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