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Dr Giovanni Giustini

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Mechanical Engineering

EPSRC Research Fellow



+44 (0)20 7594 9681g.giustini12 Website




City and Guilds BuildingSouth Kensington Campus






2009 BSc in Energy Engineering, University of Bologna

2012 MSc. in Energy Engineering, University of Bologna

2016 PhD Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London


2016-2020 Postdoctoral research associate, Imperial College London, Mechanical Engineering Department, Nuclear Engineering Group

2017-2019 Scientific administrator, Indo-UK Civil Nuclear Network

2020 - to date EPSRC Research fellow, Imperial College London, Mechanical Engineering Department

Research interests

I am interested in numerical modelling of heat transfer and fluid flow, in particular multi-phase flow with phase change and boiling heat transfer, and in the development of interface-capturing CFD techniques for simulation of industrial two-phase flows on arbitrary geometries using unstructured meshes.

My current research focuses on wettability and phase-change phenomena at solid surfaces and is sponsored by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) under fellowship grant 'Modelling surface effects in two-phase fluid processes across scales'.

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 Animations from my research

CFD simulation of bubble release from a cavity during boiling of liquid sodium - temperature distribution around the bubbles: blue = cold, red = hot.
CFD simulation of pool boiling from a cavity in a pool of liquid sodium, using a novel method for capturing interfacial mass transfer implemented in the OpenFOAM code. Animation of phase distribution field - blue = sodium vapour, red = liquid sodium.



Giustini G, Kim H, I. Issa R, et al., 2020, Modelling microlayer formation in boiling sodium, Fluids, Vol:5, ISSN:2311-5521, Pages:1-19

Giustini G, 2020, Modelling of boiling flows for nuclear thermal hydraulics applications—a brief review, Inventions, Vol:5, ISSN:2411-5134, Pages:1-18

Giustini G, Kim I, Kim H, 2020, Comparison between modelled and measured heat transfer rates during the departure of a steam bubble from a solid surface, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol:148, ISSN:0017-9310

Giustini G, Walker SP, Sato Y, et al., 2019, CFD analysis of the transient cooling of the boiling surface at bubble departure, Journal of Heat Transfer: Transactions of the Asme, Vol:139, ISSN:0022-1481

Giustini G, Jung S, Kim H, et al., 2019, Microlayer evaporation during steam bubble growth, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, Vol:137, ISSN:1290-0729, Pages:45-54

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