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Professor Geoffrey Hall FRS

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Professor of Physics



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His research interests are dominated by instrumentation for particle physics experiments at the CERN Large Hadron Collider, particularly now focused on extending the CMS operational lifetime into the high luminosity era from 2026. Radiation damage precludes survival of the silicon tracking sensors, and a replacement detector must have greater granularity and higher speed readout, as well as increased radiation tolerance. It must also provide data to be used by the CMS trigger to select rare events efficiently. The Imperial group has contributed several unique ideas to make this possible. The first is to deploy double-layer silicon modules (“pT-modules”) to identify high transverse momentum tracks, to design front end electronics, the CBC ASIC, to provide this information, and an off-detector system to process it.  In 2016, a team demonstrated the viability of FPGAs for sufficiently fast, efficient track reconstruction for the HL-LHC based on these ideas.


Other Significant Activities

1998 - present      Professor of Physics, Imperial College

2008- 2019         Principal Investigator, UK CMS collaboration for Upgrades of the Tracker and Trigger of the CMS experiment at the CERN LHC

2008- 2015           Principal Investigator, UK CMS.

2006- 2007           Paid Scientific Associate, CERN for one year.

2003- 2006           PPARC Senior Fellowship

2003- 2006           I-IMAS project, European Commission, “Intelligent Imaging Sensors for Industry, Health and Security”, 

1999- 2008           Deputy CMS Tracker Project Manager

1999- 2001           BRSMS project, European Commission, “Biomedical radiography and radioscopy using silicon microstrip sensors”

1994-1997           Professorial Research Fellow

1993- 1998          Founder member, CERN RD23 R&D project, “Optoelectronic Analogue Signal Transfer for LHC Detectors”

1992- 2008           Electronics Coordinator, Tracker detector, CMS experiment

1992- 1998           Electronics Coordinator, CMS experiment

1992- present       UK CMS Tracker detector project, Leader

1991- 1996           Co-spokesperson and founder member, CERN RD20 R&D project, with P. Weilhammer, CERN, “Development of high resolution silicon strip detectors for experiments at high luminosity at LHC”

1991                    Academic visitor, University of California, Santa Cruz

1990-1993           Principal Research Fellow, Imperial College

1989- 1991          R&D project for silicon tracking detectors for the Superconducting Supercollider

1989- 1991          Wolfson Medical Projects Scheme, “The application of silicon detectors to digital autoradiography” in collaboration with the Institute of Cancer Research, Royal Marsden Hospital.

1977-1989           Senior physicist programmer, Imperial College

1974- 1977          Post-doctoral Research Assistant,  Imperial College.