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Professor Gavin J Davies

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Professor of High Energy Physics



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My research has been in the areas of particle and astro-particle physics. My focus has been the search for the Higgs boson, the key missing element in the Standard Model of particle physics, and for evidence of physics beyond it, including particle dark matter. Though particle physics is the study of the fundamental constituents of matter and the forces between them, it encompasses a tremendous range of activities, the raw science, the state-of-the-art hardware required to make the measurements and the associated computing activities. Thus as well as the intrinsic scientific benefit there are many spin-offs, including the world-wide web. Particle physics is often carried out in large teams.

The bulk of the funding in particle physics comes through the PPARC (now STFC) research council. Grants from PPARC for the UK-DØ and Imperial-DØ activity, independent Fellowships and Responsive RAs as well as grid funding have been obtained.

Invited Lectures and Presentations

"DØGrid Computing", European Physical Society , Manchester, UK, 2007  (TBC)

"DØ Data Processing with SAMGrid', Computing in High Energy Physics , Mumbai, India, 2006 (given by colleague)

"Standard Model Higgs Searches at DØ", SUSY04 , Tsukuba, Japan, 2004

"Searches for the Standard Model Higgs boson at LEP in the 4-jet channel", XXXVIth Rencontres de Moriond, Les Arcs, France, 2001

"Recent Results on PbWO4 Crystals and MSGCs in CMS", European Physical Society , Jerusalem, Israel, 1997

 "Status Report and Recent Results from the UK Dark Matter Collaboration", European Physical Society , Jerusalem, Israel, 1997

"Recent Results from the Dark Matter Experiments in the Boulby Mine, European Physical Society , Brussels, Belgium, 1995

"Measurement of nuclear recoil response of dark matter scintillating targets using neutron scattering", Strategies for the Detection of Dark Matter Particle , Berkeley, USA, 1994

"Measurement of nuclear recoil response of dark matter scintillating targets using neutron scattering", 1st Conf. on Sources of Dark Matter in the Universe , UCLA, USA, 1994

"Liquid xenon as a dark matter detector", 1st International Workshop on the Dark Side of the Universe , Rome, Italy, 1993

Plenary Lectures

"Higgs Searches at the Tevatron", Physics in Collision , Annecy, France, 2007

"The CDF and DØ Experiments at the Tevatron", IoP HEPP Annual Meeting , Brighton, UK, 2002

"Searches at LEP", UK LEP-FEST , Birmingham, UK, 2001

"Methods of Dark Matter Detection", IoP HEPP Annual Meeting , London, UK, 1996

Research Student Supervision

Barnes,C, Development of vertexing and lifetime triggers and a study of Bs mixing using hadronic decays at the

Bauer,D, Study of Bs -> J/psi phi in the D� experiment and an example of technology transfer

Illingworth,R, Development of trigger software for the silicon and fibre trackers and a study of B meson lifetimes

Jenkins,A, A Search for the Z->bb process at the D� experiment

Lewis,P, Grid development and a study of B flavour tagging at D�

Lobo,L, Jet energy scale studies and the search for the Stnadard Model Higgs boson in the channel ZH->nunubb

Petteni,M, Measuring the jet response and the search for the Higgs boson in the

Scanlon,T, B-tagging and the serach for neutral supersymmetric Higgs bosons at D�

White,R, Search for the Standard Model Higgs boson in the missing mass channel at the ALEPH experiment