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Professor Gary Hampson

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Earth Science & Engineering

Professor of Sedimentary Geology



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Research Interests

My research interests lie in the understanding of depositional systems and their preserved stratigraphy, and in applying this knowledge to the characterisation of rocks and fluid flow in the subsurface.



Professor of Sedimentary Geology, Imperial College London (2017-present)

Director of Petroleum Geoscience MSc course, Imperial College London (2013-2021)

Reader in Sedimentary Geology, Imperial College London (2011-2017)

Senior Lecturer in Sedimentary Geology, Imperial College London (2005-2011)

Lecturer in Sedimentary Geology, Imperial College London (2000-2005)

PDRA, Imperial College London (1997-1999)  

Royal Society ESEP Research Fellow, University of W├╝rzburg, Germany (1996)

RA, University of Liverpool (1995)

PhD, Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy, University of Liverpool (1991-1995)

BA, Natural Sciences (Geology), University of Cambridge (1988-1991)


Recent Measures of Esteem

2020: IAMG Mathematical Geosciences 2019 Best Paper Award for the paper: Jacquemyn, C., Jackson, M.D., and Hampson, G.J., 2019, Surface-based geological reservoir modelling using grid-free NURBS curves and surfaces: Mathematical Geosciences, v. 51, p. 1-28.

2016-2020: Editor, Journal of Sedimentary Research

2017: SEPM Outstanding Paper Award for the paper: Hampson, G.J., Duller, R.A., Petter, A.L., Robinson, R.A.J., and Allen, P.A., 2014, Mass-balance constraints on stratigraphic interpretation of linked alluvial-coastal-shelfal deposits: example from Cretaceous Western Interior Basin, Utah and Colorado, USA: Journal of Sedimentary Research, v. 84, p. 935-960.

2016: AAPG Allan P. Bennison Distinguished Lecturer for Africa Region. Talks given at University of Western Cape (South Africa), Petro SA (South Africa), University of Stellenbosch (South Africa), University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa); University of Tunis El Manar (Tunisia), University of Nairobi (Kenya). AAPG-NAPE short course given at Lagos (Nigeria).

2015: EAGE Norman Falcon Award for the paper: Fitch, P.J.R., Jackson, M.D., Hampson, G.J., and John, C.M., 2014, Interaction of stratigraphic and sedimentological heterogeneities with flow in carbonate ramp reservoirs: impact of fluid properties and production strategy: Petroleum Geoscience, v. 20, p. 7-26.

2014: Guest Editor, Petroleum Geoscience thematic issue: Fundamental Controls on Flow in Carbonates.

2013: AAPG J.C. "Cam" Sproule Memorial Award for the paper: Deveugle, P.E.K., Jackson, M.D., Hampson, G.J., Farrell, M.E., Sprague, A.S., Stewart, J., and Calvert, C.S., 2011, Characterization of stratigraphic architecture and its impact on fluid flow in a fluvial-dominated deltaic reservoir analog: Ferron Sandstone Member, Utah: AAPG Bulletin, v. 95, p. 693-727.

2012: AAPG Award of Excellence of Poster Presentation for the poster: Fitch, P.J.R., Jackson, M.D., Hampson, G.J., and John, C.M., Investigating the impact of stratigraphic and sedimentological heterogeneities on flow in carbonate reservoir models, using a hierarchical approach with experimental design: AAPG/SEPM Annual Meeting (Long Beach, USA).

2011: Rector's Award for Excellence in Teaching, Imperial College London

2011: Award for Teaching Excellence in Engineering Education, Imperial College London

2010: Wiley-Blackwell Prize for the Editors' Choice of Best Paper in Sedimentology for the paper: Hampson, G.J., 2010, Sediment dispersal and quantitative stratigraphic architecture across an ancient shelf: Sedimentology, v. 57, p. 96-141.

2010: SEPM Excellence of Poster Presentation for the poster: Legler, B., Johnson, H.D., Hampson, G.J., Jackson, M.D., Jackson, C.A-L., El-Barkooky, A.N., Ravnas, R., Alsop, D., and Le Varlet, X., Characterization of a tide-dominated heterolithic reservoir analog: the Eocene Dir Abu Lifa Member (Western Desert, Egypt): AAPG/SEPM Annual Meeting (New Orleans, USA).

2009: SEPM Outstanding Paper Award (Honorable Mention) for the paper: Wells, M.R., Allison, P.A., Piggott, M.D., Gorman, G.J., Hampson, G.J., Pain, C.C., and Fang, F., 2007, Numerical modeling of tides in the late Pennsylvanian Midcontinent seaway of North America with implications for hydrography and sedimentation: Journal of Sedimentary Research, v. 77, p. 843-865.

2006: BSRG Roland Goldring Award for noteworthy published research in any field of sedimentology.


External Positions

Editorial board, Sedimentology (2013-2015)

Editorial board, Journal of Sedimentary Research (2011-present)

Editorial board, Basin Research (2010-2015)

Editorial board, Journal of the Geological Society (2005-2013)

Secretary, British Sedimentological Research Group (BSRG) (2004-2011)

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Jackson WA, Hampson GJ, Jacquemyn C, et al., 2022, A screening assessment of the impact of sedimentological heterogeneity on CO2 migration and stratigraphic-baffling potential: Johansen and Cook formations, Northern Lights project, offshore Norway, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Vol:120, ISSN:1750-5836, Pages:103762-103762

Jacquemyn C, Pataki MEH, Hampson GJ, et al., 2021, Sketch-based interface and modelling of stratigraphy and structure in three dimensions, Journal of the Geological Society, Vol:178, ISSN:0016-7649, Pages:1-17

Sahoo H, Gani MR, Gani ND, et al., 2020, Predictable patterns in stacking and distribution of channelized fluvial sandbodies linked to channel mobility and avulsion process, Geology, Vol:48, ISSN:0091-7613, Pages:903-907

Brewer C, Hampson G, Whittaker A, et al., 2020, Comparison of methods to estimate sediment flux in ancient sediment routing systems, Earth-Science Reviews, Vol:207, ISSN:0012-8252

More Publications