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Galina M. Jönsson

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Life Sciences

Research Postgraduate







Hamilton BuildingSilwood Park





Galina is a PhD candidate researching the impact of climate change, extreme weather events and land-use change on butterflies and moths in the UK. She is integrating data from half a million Natural History Museum (NHM) specimens collected over the past two centuries with many millions of more recent observational records in a single new analytical framework. By primarily using - as well as further developing - Bayesian occupancy models, her research extends the time series of historical biodiversity data upon which future predictions are made. This research is done under the supervision of Dr Nick Isaac (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology), Prof Andy Purvis (NHM), Dr Ian Kitching (NHM) and Dr Cristina Banks-Leite (Imperial). 

Galina holds degrees in Ecology (BSc Hons) from the University of Edinburgh and in Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation (MRes) from University College London (UCL). 

Galina is based at the Natural History Museum and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. Her PhD is funded by NERC through the Grantham Institute at Imperial College’s Science and Solution for a Changing Planet Doctoral Training Programme.



Jonsson G, Gavin B, Seirian S, et al., 2021, A century of social wasp occupancy trends from natural history collections: spatiotemporal resolutions have little effect on model performance, Insect Conservation and Diversity, Vol:14, ISSN:1752-458X, Pages:543-555

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