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Gwilherm Kerherve is the Research Facility Manager of the Advanced Photoelectron Spectroscopy Laboratory (APSL). His research includes mainly the investigation and characterisation of materials used in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells in particular perovskite materials containing exsolved nanoparticles using XPS and ambient pressure XPS.

Academic career

Gwilherm obtained his PhD (2002) at the University of Liverpool under the supervision of Prof. R. Raval working on the production and adsorption of noble metal clusters on Alumina surface. Between 2002 and  2004, he worked at the Max-Planck Institut fuer Mikrostrukturphysik in Halle (DE) in the group of Prof. J. Kirschner as a Research Assistant developing efficient electron detectors for electron time-of-flight (e-TOF) measurements under coincidence conditions. Between 2015 and 2020, He worked in the group of Prof. D. Payne where he focuses his research in the study of Exsolved nanoparticles using photoelectron spectroscopy. 

industrial career

Between 2004 and 2015, Gwilherm worked for Omicron and VG Scienta under various roles:  project engineer, project manager, service engineer and development scientist. He has helped developing and managing a various kinds of UHV systems: standard XPS, UPS, TPD, HREELS, SIMS, Molecular Beam Scattering and ambient pressure XPS.

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Celikbilek O, Cavallaro A, Kerherve G, et al., 2020, Surface restructuring of thin-film electrodes based on thermal history and its significance for the catalytic activity and stability at the gas/solid and solid/solid interfaces, Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces, Vol:12, ISSN:1944-8244, Pages:34388-34401

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