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Reader in Molecular Virology



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Prof Charles Bangham, Imperial College London, HTLV-1 integration, 2011

Dr. Peter Cherepanov, Cancer Research UK, Protein crystallography, 2011

Prof. Alan Engelman, Harvard Medical School, Interaction of HIV-1 intasome with target DNA - integration site selection, 2010

Guest Lectures

Structural Biology of Retroviral Integration, University of Bayreuth, Universität Bayreuth/BGI Universitätsstr. 3095440 BayreuthGermany, 2011

Structural Biology of Retroviral Integration, Wuerzburg University, Institut für Virologie und ImmunbiologieUniversität WürzburgVersbacher Str. 7, 2011

Research Student Supervision

Begum Gemici,N-P, Functional characterisation of USP11 binding partners in DNA damage response

Chia,T, Host factors required for betaretroviral integration

Diaz,C, Disruption and Selective Back-Complementation of the PP2A Aα: B´ Interface

Du,L, Work Towards Characterising the Use of Small Molecule Assisted Shutoff (SMASh) in the Generation of an Inducible Knock Out/Knock In cell line

Gemici,P, Functional characterization of USP11 binding partners in DNA damage response

Hope,J, Characterizing HTLV-1 integrase

Jaorawala,SS, Engineering a soluble STLV-1 integrase for high yield intasome formation

McRoberts,J, Detecting retroviral integration at the single molecule level by acoustic force spectroscopy

Mudannayake,R, Co-factors of retroviral integration

Sharif,A, Cellular co-factors of retroviral DNA integration

Statkute,E, Engineering of site-specific PFV integrase