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Head of the Statistics Section, Chair in Statistics



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Nason G, 2022, Guy Nason's invited discussion contribution to the papers in Session 2 of the Royal Statistical Society's Special Topic Meeting on Covid-19 Transmission: 11 June 2021, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A-statistics in Society, Vol:185, ISSN:0964-1998, Pages:S99-S102

Nason G, Wei J, 2022, Quantifying the economic response to COVID-19 mitigations and death rates via forecasting Purchasing Managers’ Indices using Generalised Network Autoregressive models with exogenous variables (with discussion), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A: Statistics in Society, Vol:185, ISSN:0964-1998, Pages:1778-1792

Mishra S, Mindermann S, Sharma M, et al., 2021, Changing composition of SARS-CoV-2 lineages and rise of Delta variant in England, Eclinicalmedicine, Vol:39

Nason G, 2020, COVID-19 cycles and rapidly evaluating lockdown strategies using spectral analysis., Scientific Reports, Vol:10, ISSN:2045-2322, Pages:1-12

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