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The central objective of my research is the fundamental analysis and manipulation (control) of transitional or turbulent flows to achieve a desired objective. More specifically, my work focuses on turbulence enhancement (for example to improve mixing) as well as suppression (for example for drag reduction).  In my group, we are using both passive means (such as new blade designs), as well as active means obtained using pioneering optimisation algorithms. The work is computational in nature; we perform scale-resolving Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) and Large Eddy Simulations (LES) and all the algorithms are developed inhouse.  Please visit the group website for more details. 

Our work is funded by a range of sponsors such as EPSRC, European Union, Leverhulme Trust, Centre of Doctoral Training in Fluid Dynamics across scales and the President's Scholarship Fund. 


I graduated from the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering on the National Technical University of Athens in 1990 and received a PhD degree from the same university in 1996. I joined the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering of King's College London as a Lecturer in 1999, and moved to Imperial College, Dept. of Aeronautics, as Reader in July 2011.




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