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Garcia-Millan R, Pausch J, Walter B, et al., 2018, Field-theoretic approach to the universality of branching processes, Physical Review E, Vol:98, ISSN:2470-0045

Duarte D, Amarteifio S, Ang H, et al., 2018, Defining the in vivo characteristics of acute myeloid leukemia cells behavior by intravital imaging., Immunol Cell Biol

Jensen HJ, Pazukii RH, Pruessner G, et al., 2018, Statistical mechanics of exploding phase spaces: ontic open systems, Journal of Physics A-mathematical and Theoretical, Vol:51, ISSN:1751-8113

Garcia-Millan R, Pruessner G, Pickering L, et al., 2018, Correlations and hyperuniformity in the avalanche size of the Oslo model, Epl, Vol:122, ISSN:0295-5075

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