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Patrick Gilon, UCL, Brussels, ER calcium imaging

Steve Baldwin, Leeds, ZnT8 modelling

Piero Marchetti, Pisa, Human islets

Paul Johnson, Oxford, Human islets

Domenico Bosco, Geneva, Human islets

Paolo Meda, Geneva, GLP-1R probes

Peter Arvan, Ann Arbor, Insulin processing

Israel Seckler, Ben-Gurion University, MCU and NCLX

Yuval Dor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, LKB1

Jorge Ferrer, Barcelona and Imperial, Disallowed genes

Rory McCrimmon, Aberdeen, Brain AMPK

Tony Lam, Toronto, Brain AMPK

Walter Wahli and Bernard Thorens, Lausanne, PPARalpha

Constantin Polychronakos, McGill, Montreal, ZAC/PLAGL

Erik Richter, Copenhagen, MCT-1

Wen-hong Li, UTSW, Chemical zinc probes

Nicolas Long, Imperial, MRI probes for zinc

Chris Burns, NIBSC, London, iPS cells

Sabine Colnot, Institut Cochin, Paris, TCF7L2 null mice

Philippe Ravassard, Institut Cochin, Human EndoC beta cells

Dermot Cooper, Pharmacology, Cambridge, cAMP probes

Vincent Poitout, Montreal, PASK

Michael Wheeler, Toronto, ZnT8

Professor Mark McCarthy, University of Oxford

Mark McCarthy and Anna Gloyn, Oxford, Diabetes genes

Philipp Froguel, Imperial, GWAS genes

Dr. Dax Fu, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Professor Patrick MacDonald, University of Alberta

Queen Mary University of London

Michele Solimena, Universitaetsklinikum Dresden

Prof Mark McCarthy, Oxford Centre for Diabetes,

Prof Anna Gloyn, University of Oxford

Prof Domenico Bosco, University of Geneva, Geneva

Prof Kyle Gaulton, University of California, San Diego

Maarten Merkx, Eindhoven, NL and novel zinc probes

Tania Maffuci, QMUL, Atypical PI3Ks

Guest Lectures

Can the genetic landscape of Type 2 diabetes tell us how pancreatic beta cells work?, Dorothy Hodgkin Lecture, Diabeters UK, APC, Manchester, UK, 2014

Regulation of beta cell function by LKB1, Gordon Conference, Mount Holyoak, New England, 2013

Zinc and zinc transporters as targets for imaging finctional beta cell mass, NIH Workshop on beta cell imaging, Bethesda, Maryland, 2013

GLP-1: a coordinator of beta cell activity in the islet syncitium, Diabetes UK APC, Manchester, 2013

Role of non-coding RNAs in beta cell metabolism and differentiation, EASD Islet Study Group, Islet Study Group Meeting, Rostock, 2012

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Research Student Supervision

Bellomo,E, Divalent metal ions in pancreatic beta-cell function: role in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes

Johnston,N, Beta cell hubs dictate pancreatic islet responses to glucose

Mitchell,RM, Control of coordinated beta cell activity by secretagogues and diabetes genes

Sayers,SS, Role of the protein kinase LKB1 in pancreatic beta cells and intestinal L cells

Soedling,HS, Role of GLP1 and RIP2 neurons in the control of glucose homeostasis

Solomou,AS, Role of ZnT8 in the control of glucagon secretion

Sun,G, Roles of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) and liver kinase B1 (LKB1) in controlling pancreatic islet hormone secretion