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I am a Lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. My research interests are focused on analysis and control of uncertain systems (modeled by stochastic equations and set-valued mappings), the problem of model reduction and problems of optimal control.

Short bio

From Aug '16 to Aug '17 I was a Junior Research Fellow (now known as Imperial College Research Fellowship) in the same department. During the fellowship I focused on blending control theory and power applications, with particular attention to wireless power transfer systems. From Feb '16 to Jul '16 I was a Research Associate in the Control and Power group

From Oct '12 to Jan '16 I was a PhD student in the same group, working on analysis, approximation and control of large-scale dynamical systems. My PhD thesis has been recognized with the IET Control & Automation PhD Award and the Eryl Cadwaladr Davies Prize.

My BSc (2010) and MSc (2012) have been funded by the Italian government (ADISU) and the European Union (ERAMUS). My PhD has been funded by the EPSRC, the EEE department and the European Union (through reduced fees). My JRF has been funded by Imperial College London.

Nonlinear Model Reduction by Moment Matching 

by Giordano Scarciotti and Alessandro Astolfi
Now Publishers, July 2017, 202 pages, ISBN-13: 978-1680833300
Available on Amazon

MORReduced order models, or model reduction, have been used in many technologically advanced areas to ensure the associated complicated mathematical models remain computable. For instance, reduced order models are used to simulate weather forecast models and in the design of very large scale integrated circuits and networked dynamical systems.

This monograph presents, in a uniform and complete fashion, moment matching techniques for nonlinear systems. This includes extensive sections on nonlinear time-delay systems; moment matching from input/output data and the limitations of the characterization of moment based on a signal generator described by differential equations. Each section is enriched with examples and is concluded with extensive bibliographical notes.

This monograph provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction into model reduction for researchers and students working on non-linear systems.

To potential phd students

I am always looking for potential PhD candidates. Prospective students are welcome to contact me by email. However, note that given the large amount of speculative emails I receive, I will reply to your email only if this contains:
(1) Evidence of a strong background in Systems and Control.
(2) Evidence of being the top student in your MSc/MEng degree.

Emails without evidence (1) and (2) will not be acknowledged and should be considered a rejection.


I am the lecturer of Discrete-time Systems and Computer Control (EE9-CS1-3), a core module of the MSc Control System programme. The module is also offered to 4th year MEng students (EE4-24). The module is taught using a Team-Based-Learning approach (more info here)

I am the lecturer of E2 Project (EE2-PRJ), the Professional module of the 2th year MEng and BEng.

I am a 1st Year Tutor and the 2nd Year Organizer.


 In 2017 I have been awarded an ItalyMadeMe award by the Italian Embassy in London in recognition of innovative research conducted in physical and engineering sciences as a young Italian researchers working in the UK. I wish to thank the Italian Cultural Association "Il Circolo" for sponsoring my award.
 In 2017 I have been awarded the Eryl Cadwaladr Davies Prize for producing the best doctoral thesis during the academic year 2015/2016. I wish to thank Prof. Alessandro Astolfi for recommending my application.
 In 2016 I have been awarded the IET Control & Automation PhD Award. I wish to thank Dr. David Angeli, Prof. Alessandro Astolfi and Prof. Malcolm C. Smith for supporting my application.
From 13 August to 24 September 2016 I was a Visiting Scholar at UCSB, collaborating with Prof. Andrew Teel.
 In 2016 the Higher Education Academy granted me the status of Fellow (FHEA).
 In 2016 I have been awarded a Junior Research Fellowship by Imperial. Starting in August 2016 I will work on my proposal: "A novel system theoretic approach for wireless power transfer systems with applications to implantable medical devices and consumer electronics".
• On the 1st of February 2016 I have been awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy with the thesis "Approximation, Analysis and Control of Large-Scale Systems - Theory and Applications". My examiners were Dr. David Angeli and Prof. Malcolm C. Smith.
• From 04 September to 13 November 2015 I was a Visiting Scholar at NYU, collaborating with Prof. Zhong-Ping Jiang.
• In 2015 I have been awarded the title of EEE Departmental GTA of the Year for my contributions to the teaching activities of the department.
• In November 2013 I visited MINES ParisTech, collaborating with Dr. Laurent Praly. 

Publications under review


G. Scarciotti, Z.P. Jiang and A. Astolfi, "Data-Driven Constrained Optimal Model Reduction". In: European Journal of Control (under review) (2018)

G. Scarciotti and A.R. Teel, "On Moment Matching for Stochastic Systems". In: IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (under review) (2018)

G. Scarciotti and T. Mylvaganam, "Constructive Approximate Solutions to Classes of Control Problems for Stochastic Nonlinear Systems". In: IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (under review) (2018)

P. Di Franco, G. Scarciotti and A. Astolfi, "A Globally Stable Algorithm for the Integration of High-Index Differential-Algebraic Systems". In: IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (under review) (2018)

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Scarciotti G, Astolfi A, 2017, Data-driven model reduction by moment matching for linear and nonlinear systems, Automatica, Vol:79, ISSN:0005-1098, Pages:340-351

Scarciotti G, Astolfi A, 2016, Moment based discontinuous phasor transform and its application tothe steady-state analysis of inverters and wireless power transfersystems, Ieee Transactions on Power Electronics, Vol:31, ISSN:1941-0107, Pages:8448-8460

Scarciotti G, 2016, Low computational complexity model reduction of power systems with preservation of physical characteristics, Ieee Transactions on Power Systems, Vol:32, ISSN:1558-0679, Pages:743-752

Scarciotti G, Astolfi A, 2015, Model reduction of neutral linear and nonlinear time-invariant time-delay systems with discrete and distributed delays, Ieee Transactions on Automatic Control, Vol:99, ISSN:1558-2523

Scarciotti G, Praly L, Astolfi A, 2015, Invariance-like theorems and “lim inf” convergence properties, Ieee Transactions on Automatic Control, Vol:61, ISSN:1558-2523, Pages:648-661

More Publications