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Dr Gabseok Seo received PhD degree in Department of Energy Science from Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea in 2017 and worked as a Research fellow at Kyushu University and at International Institute Carbon-Neutral Energy Research (I2CNER) (2017-2019). During his Ph.D., he conducted a joint research with Distinguished professor Sang-Il Seok (UNIST, S. Korea) and professor Mohammad Khaja Nazeeruddin (EPFL, Switzerland). Currently, he joined the group of Professor Ji-Seon Kim as a Research Associate in Physics at the Imperial College London. His research focus is correlation between defect and charge generation and recombination mechanisms in Solution processed Inorganic-organic hybrid solar cells (Perovskite and Quantum dot).

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Heo S, Seo G, Lee Y, et al., 2019, Origins of High Performance and Degradation in the Mixed Perovskite Solar Cells., Adv Mater, Vol:31, Pages:e1805438-e1805438

Kearney K, Seo G, Matsushima T, et al., 2018, Computational Analysis of the Interplay between Deep Level Traps and Perovskite Solar Cell Efficiency., J Am Chem Soc, Vol:140, Pages:15655-15660

Heo S, Seo G, Lee Y, et al., 2017, Deep level trapped defect analysis in CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite solar cells by deep level transient spectroscopy, Energy & Environmental Science, Vol:10, ISSN:1754-5692, Pages:1128-1133

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