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A graduate from The University of Strathclyde with a Masters degree in Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, I am currently pursuing a PhD through the Fuel Cells and their Fuels Centre for Doctoral Training organised by the University of Birmingham. This unique 4 year PhD combines taught modules and research and brings together professionals from Imperial College London, University College London, The University of Birmingham, The University of Nottingham and the University of Loughborough.

Research Group

The research I am performing is conducted under Professor Nigel Brandon and Dr Enrique Ruiz-Trejo and focuses on the study of strontium titanate perovskites for use as an anode for solid oxide fuel cells.


My current desires and objectives are to gain experience in multiple fields of interest, particularly batteries, renewable energies, fuel cells and applied electrochemistry. My endgame is to directly improve the methods in which we utilise renewable energy and store it and, by doing this, help facilitate the transition into a large-scale system in which green energy is both efficient and viable.

Conferences and summer schools

  • JESS (Joint European Summer School) in Athens of 2015 and was taught classes regarding electrochemistry, thermodynamics, materials for solid oxide fuel cells and more. This culminated in an oral examination to determine if a satisfactory level of education had been attained at the summer school, and was passed.
  • UKES Conference at The University of Birmingham, UK. 25/11/15-27/11/15.