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Marketing Management - BUSI97025


Among business disciplines, marketing is the primary contact point between a business and its customers. Nearly everybody will, at some point in their career, wear a marketing hat. Understanding marketing will help you whether you are an accountant, a consultant, a programmer, a banker, or a museum curator. Appreciating customer needs and how to marshal the resources of an organisation to meet those needs are crucial skills in today’s business world. This course develops a general management viewpoint in planning and evaluating marketing decisions, from both a strategic and tactical perspectives. It will help students understand how marketing decisions contribute to business performance and are affected by organisational and environmental influences. This course will help develop the following:

  • An understanding of fundamental marketing terms, concepts, principles, ideas and theories.
  • An appreciation of the multifaceted role of marketing within organisations.
  • An understanding of how marketing contributes to strategy.
  • An understanding of the close relationship between marketing and other functions within an organisation.
  • Skills in using the marketing toolkit for competitive advantage.
  • Critical thinking and communication skills relating to marketing.

1. Knowledge Objectives: The main knowledge objectives of the course are to understand:

  • How marketing contributes to the firm’s survival and growth
  • How marketing plans are developed and implemented
  • The fundamental concepts and ideas in marketing

2. Skill Objectives: The main skill objectives of the course are to enable students to develop:

  • The conceptual, technical and interpersonal skills managers need to communicate effectively in the business world  
  • The analytical skills needed to analyse a company’s customers and external environment
  • How to manage a market strategically
  • The ability to work with others in groups and solve market-related problems


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