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MsRosalbaGarcia Millan

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Mathematics

Research Postgraduate



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My research interests lie in applied mathematics, more specifically in stochastic processes, statistical physics, critical phenomena, complex systems, self-organised criticality, avalanches and, more recently, field theory as well.

I studied the BSc in Mathematics and the BSc in Physics at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. I later studied the MSc in Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing at the University of Oxford. I am currently a PhD Candidate in Mathematical Physics at Imperial College London.



Garcia-Millan R, Pausch J, Walter B, et al., 2018, Field-theoretic approach to the universality of branching processes, Physical Review E, Vol:98, ISSN:2470-0045

Corral A, Garcia-Millan R, Moloney NR, et al., 2018, Phase transition, scaling of moments, and order-parameter distributions in Brownian particles and branching processes with finite-size effects, Physical Review E, Vol:97, ISSN:2470-0045

Garcia-Millan R, Pruessner G, Pickering L, et al., 2018, Correlations and hyperuniformity in the avalanche size of the Oslo model, Epl, Vol:122, ISSN:0295-5075

Corral A, Garcia-Millan R, Font-Clos F, 2016, Exact Derivation of a Finite-Size Scaling Law and Corrections to Scaling in the Geometric Galton-Watson Process, Plos One, Vol:11, ISSN:1932-6203

Garcia-Millan R, Font-Clos F, Corral A, 2015, Finite-size scaling of survival probability in branching processes, Physical Review E, Vol:91, ISSN:1539-3755

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