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Georgios Charalampous, Dipl. Ing. (AUTH, Greece), MSc (Imperial College London), PhD (Imperial College London) is a research associate at the Thermofluids section of the Mechanical Engineering Department.

His research focuses on fluid mechanics with emphasis on multi-phase flows, such as fuel injection, atomisation and sprays, mixing, particle laden flows and on the development of novel laser instrumentation for flow measurements, such as the LIF/Mie technique for droplet sizing and the optical connectivity technique.

He has conducted research for a number of sponsors including Airbus, European Office of Aerospace Research & Development, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, European Union, Heraeus, Procter & Gamble and Rolls Royce.



Charalampous G, Hadjiyiannis C, Hardalupas I, 2019, Proper orthogonal decomposition of primary breakup and spray in co-axial airblast atomizers, Physics of Fluids, Vol:31, ISSN:1070-6631

Charalampous G, Hardalupas I, 2017, Collisions of droplets on spherical particles, Physics of Fluids, Vol:29, ISSN:1070-6631, Pages:103305-1-103305-15

Charalampous G, Hardalupas I, 2016, How do liquid fuel physical properties affect liquid jet development in atomisers?, Physics of Fluids, Vol:28, ISSN:1070-6631

Sung Y, Charalampous G, Hardalupas I, et al., 2016, Laser ignition and flame characteristics of pulsed methane jets in homogeneous isotropic turbulence without mean flow, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, Vol:36, ISSN:1873-2704, Pages:1653-1660


Chen C, Charalampous G, Hardalupas Y, 2018, Laser ignition of methane jets in homogenous and isotropic turbulence, 2018 AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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