Imperial College London

Dr Ghita Ghislat

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Life Sciences

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellow







Sir Alexander Fleming BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Ghita's research programme is interdisciplinary at the interface between cell biology, immunology and artificial intelligence, aimed to:

- Decipher the molecular and cellular mechanisms that bridge between the adaptive and innate immunity during tumour inflammation and autoimmunity.

- Tailor drug design to improve the outcome of defective immune responses.

Selected publications

Ogunleye AZ, Piyawajanusorn C, Gonçalves A, Ghislat G, Ballester PJ. (2022) Interpretable machine learning models to predict the resistance of breast cancer patients to doxorubicin from their microRNA Profiles. Advanced Science. DOI

Ghislat G, Cheema AS, Baudoin E, Verthuy C, Ballester PJ, Crozat K, et al. (2021) NF-κB-dependent IRF1 activation programs cDC1 dendritic cells to drive antitumor immunity. Science Immunology. DOI

Ghislat G, Rahman T, Ballester PJ. (2020) Identification and validation of Carbonic Anhydrase II as the first target of the anti-inflammatory drug Actarit. Biomolecules. DOI

Ghislat G, Lawrence T. (2018) Autophagy in dendritic cells. Cellular & Molecular Immunology. DOI

Moreau K*, Ghislat G*, Hochfeld W, Renna M, Zavodszky E, Runwal G, et al. (2015) Transcriptional regulation of Annexin A2 promotes starvation-induced autophagy. Nature Communications. DOI

Lin F*, Ghislat G*, Luo S, Renna M, Siddiqi F, Rubinsztein DC. (2015) XIAP and cIAP1 amplifications induce Beclin 1-dependent autophagy through NFκB activation. Human Molecular Genetics. DOI

Ghislat G, Patron M, Rizzuto R, Knecht E. (2012) Withdrawal of Essential Amino Acids Increases Autophagy by a Pathway Involving Ca2 /Calmodulin-dependent Kinase Kinase-beta (CaMKK-beta). Journal of Biological Chemistry. DOI

Ghislat G, Aguado C, Knecht E (2012) Annexin A5 stimulates autophagy and inhibits endocytosis. Journal of Cell Science. DOI

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