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I am a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funded Neurology Academic Clinical Lecturer (ACL) and Neurology Registrar.

My research is motivated by clinically important questions about consciousness, its relationship to brain injury and complexity, and how states of consciousness can be practicably measured and manipulated. Clinically this is important because we do not currently have robust accurate measures of brain state that can be used at the bedside, for example to measure the level of consciousness or to easily detect seizure activity.

I have a PhD (GSK-Wellcome Trust funded) from Imperial College London. I also have an MBBS (Medicine), MSc (Advanced Computing) and BEng (Computing), all from Imperial. I enjoy working at the interface of neurology, computational neuroscience and engineering.

In my research I have used a range of tools including functional MRI, diffusion tensor imaging, positron emission tomography, electroencephalography, computational simulations and voltage indicator imaging.   

I have used voltage imaging data in mice (here) to demonstrate how signatures of criticality - a special dynamical regime on the border between order and disorder - emerge in the cortex of mice recovering from anaesthesia. We also showed that critical cortical dynamics are associated with optimisation of information processing capabilities like information capacity and sharing (here). 

In my PhD (, I used multi-modal techniques to characterise the relationship between brain inflammation and white matter damage in patients following moderate-severe traumatic brain injury. I studied the action of the antibiotic minocycline on chronic neuroinflammation.

With Dr Robin Carhart-Harris, I have recently proposed the use of psychedelics as a possible treatment for patients with the most profound impairments of consciousness (

If you're interested in my research or possible collaboration, please get in touch by email. Please note that I cannot give specific clinical advice. 

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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