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Helen ApSimon is Professor of Air Pollution Studies at Imperial College London. Her research in air pollution developed from modelling studies of nuclear accidents, and diversified into international issues such as acid rain, and air pollution problems in Eastern Europe.

She has worked extensively for Task Forces under the UN ECE Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution, undertaking modelling and assessment of cost-effective strategies to reduce acidification, eutrophication, excess tropospheric ozone, and fine particulate concentrations.

This has led to the Integrated Assessment Unit in the Centre for Environmental Policy, investigating future scenarios for emissions of atmospheric pollutants, atmospheric dispersion and mapping of atmospheric concentrations and deposition, impacts on human health and ecosystems; and costs and benefits of potential air pollution mitigation.

Current work for Defra is focused on analysis of scenarios for air pollution across the UK up to 2050, taking account of synergies with climate policies and achieving net zero: this is to support development of national air pollution control strategies post Brexit.

She also has strong interests in urban air pollution, particularly in London, where she co-founded the APRIL (Air Pollution Research In London) network; and is an honorary Fellow of the Institute of Air Quality Management.



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