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RAL Space, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory; European Space Agency, Highly Miniaturised Radiation Monitor, Space instrumentation; radiation detection, 2009

LISA Pathfinder - Diagostics Data Subsystem, Space Radiation Environment, Gravitational Waves, 2004 - 2008

GEANT4 Collaboration, Monte Carlo simulation; low background experiments, 2003 - 2008

Particle Physics Department, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory; University of Edinburgh; University of Sheffield; LIP-Coimbra and University of Coimbra, Portugal; University of California, Los Angeles, USA; Texas A&M University, USA; University of Rochester, USA, ZEPLIN-II & UK Dark Matter Collaboration, Direct dark matter searches; low background physics; muon-induced neutron production; radiation detection, 2002 - 2008

RAL Particle Physics Department; University of Edinburgh; LIP-Coimbra and University of Coimbra, Portugal; ITEP-Moscow, Russian Federation, ZEPLIN-III Collaboration, Dark matter searches; low background experiments; underground laboratories; radiation detection;, 2002 - 2012

LISA Collaboration, Gravitational Waves

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Research Student Supervision

Bailey,A, Dark matter searches and study of electrode design in LUX and LZ

Currie,A, Direct searches for WIMP dark matter with ZEPLIN-III

Edwards,B, Direct Dark Matter Searches with Two-Phase Xenon Detectors

Marangou,N, Dark matter searches with single scintillation photons

Mitchell,E, The Highly Miniaturised Radiation Monitor for Earth Orbit

Olcina,I, The LZ Dark Matter Search

Yazdani,K, Extending the sensitivity of the LUX dark matter experiment to light WIMPs