Imperial College London

Mrs Hanna Box, MPH

Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Infectious Disease

Scientific Administrator





VC05, Variety Club Wing CMedical SchoolSt Mary's Campus





Project management of clinical trials led by Prof Sarah Fidler, looking at HIV cure and prevention including the RIO, RIVER and HPTN071 PopART trials.



Lee MJ, Collins S, Babalis D, et al., 2022, The RIO trial: rationale, design, and the role of community involvement in a randomised placebo-controlled trial of antiretroviral therapy plus dual long-acting HIV-specific broadly neutralising antibodies (bNAbs) in participants diagnosed with recent HIV infection-study protocol for a two-stage randomised phase II trial, Trials, Vol:23, ISSN:1745-6215

Yang H, Llano A, Cedeno S, et al., 2021, Incoming HIV virion-derived Gag Spacer Peptide 2 (p1) is a target of effective CD8(+) T cell antiviral responses, Cell Reports, Vol:35, ISSN:2211-1247

Fidler S, Stӧhr W, Pace M, et al., 2020, A randomized comparison of antiretroviral therapy alone versus antiretroviral therapy with a 'kick-and-kill' approach, on measures of the HIV reservoir amongst participants with recent HIV infection: the RIVER trial, The Lancet, Vol:395, ISSN:0140-6736, Pages:888-898

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